Wedding Day Wishes - Say congratulations with a limited edition print

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There’s no better way to wish a happy couple a lifetime of love and happiness than with a work of art they can proudly hang in their new home.

Choosing a unique wedding gift is no mean feat, which is why a limited edition print would make for a picture perfect present to share with your loved ones on their special day. Not only can prints brighten up blank walls and bring character to a home, purchasing contemporary art can also make for a life-long investment, especially if the work of art becomes a collector’s item.

Here at Absolut Art our main goal is to make the process of discovering and collecting works of art as smooth as silk. We keep ourselves busy by tapping into local art scenes and directly collaborating with talented artists in order to bring you a diverse selection of contemporary works of art, which you can enjoy in the comfort of your own home.

Purchasing a print as a wedding gift? It couldn’t be easier to do so! Each of our individually signed and framed prints can be order to deliver directly to the bride and groom’s door with a certificate of authenticity within 2 to 5 days of purchase. Whether you purchase a single work of art, or a selection, our diverse range of affordable prints are bound to be a gift to remember. And if you want the happy couple to decide on their own, we have gift cards available too.


11 Item(s)
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  1. This Island is Safe
    4 left
    € 605
    Excl. frame
  2. Edition of Red and Cyan Work
  3. Balance
    € 205
    Excl. frame
  4. Untitled
    € 275
    Excl. frame
  5. Untitled (grid)
    € 330
    Excl. frame
  6. Shamebow
    € 215
    Excl. frame
  7. Lemon with checkers and drapery
  8. Bleeding light
    8 left
    € 500
    Excl. frame
  9. Blue Water Dots
    2 left
    € 360
    Excl. frame
  10. Snake Drawing
    9 left
    € 270
    Excl. frame
  11. Dreamed So much (absolut no.1)
Set Descending Direction