Harm van den Dorpel
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Harm uses technology to unravel the mind’s mysteries

“My ultimate goal is to reveal the reasoning structure of my own consciousness, and identify my own implicit associations and assumptions.”

Born in The Netherlands, Harm van den Dorpel is a conceptual artist who has exhibited in New York, Beijing, Warsaw and Amsterdam. His diverse practise includes sculpture, collages, computer animation, computer-generated graphics and interaction design. Van den Dorpel is a key figure in Post-Internet art, and studies how algorithms can analyse digital archives and guide the artist in aesthetic decision taking. For Absolut Art, Van den Dorpel created three works that feature layers of stock footage, anime comics, typography, and scans of his own drawings and paintings. The creative process includes constructing digital elements on computer software, printing the material out, modifying it by hand, and scanning it to further manipulate the images.