Meet the artist

Ibo Omari

Reclaim urban spaces

A gateway to a single, more inclusive world through a hybrid product of traditional graffiti and VR

Ibo Omari, a Berliner of Lebanese and Turkish heritage, was motivated by right-wing hate to transform neo-Nazi graffiti into playful images, effectively neutering a symbol that haunts Germany. His NGO, Die kulturellen Erben e.V. works to bring together the residents of Kreuzberg through urban contemporary art.

In this work, Ibo initiated artists Poet73 and Gris to unite not only their community, but their respective graffiti and VR art styles, in their vision of a better tomorrow. Their artwork looks to revive the connectedness Berlin’s various immigrant groups once had, celebrating Germany's annual German Unity Day (Tag der Deutschen Einheit).

For every limited-edition artwork sold, we're proud to donate all profits to support the improvement of Kreuzberg through Die kulturellen Erben e.V., bringing community workshops “to the 21st century” to provide community members with an opportunity to experience and learn about the potential of VR in an urban art context.