Joep van Liefland
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Joep is a collector of the discontinued

“Blank cassettes are fascinating. Leaving the factory they are all the same, but then they get used by people who put their movies and shows on it, write on it, use and reuse it. A standardized mass product gets personally inscribed.”

Contemporary Berlin-based artist Joep van Liefland creates artworks that are concerned with obsolete technology: VHS cassettes, forgotten cords, bulky audio players and remote controls. His work is informed by a wide variety of artists, filmmakers, writers and philosophers, such as Paul Thek, Nikolai Fyodorov and Philip K. Dick. Van Liefland is also one of the founders of Berlin project space, Autocenter, one of the longest artist-run spaces in the city. He has created two works for Absolut. One is entitled “Im Meer der Gefühle”, meaning “In the sea of feelings”, and features a snapshot of the only pink VHS cassette in his studio. His other work, “RGB 203”, shows red, green and blue stripes, the fundamental colours that are found in every any electronic screen.