Eckley O

40 x 50 cm
Signed and numbered edition
Edition of 69


  • Black frame( 500)
  • White frame( 500)
  • No frame( 405)


  • Price with Black frame:  500
  • Price with White frame:  500
  • Price with no frame:  405
Frame: No frame
No frame ( 405)

About the artwork

The edition is based on a photo I took of an old coal breaker in the Eckley miners’ village in Eckley, Pennsylvania, the northeast region of the state, which was a hotbed of industry from about 1850 to 1920. A coal breaker, just like it sounds, breaks the coal into This was part of a small patch of town where families lived among the coal mines. The breaker is where the coal would be dumped and then separated out by size of the chunks of coal. Young boys would pick and separate the smaller rocks, all while avoiding being crushed by larger ones. My work tends to take on ideas of energy and how it is stored and spent. I believe this reoccurs in my work because I grew up among the ruins of this now-invisible and forgotten power.

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About JPW3

JPW3 examines man’s quest for energy
“The toxic orange in my submission for Absolut Art references the explosive power of coal, and the haze left in its wake.”

JPW3 works in painting and sculpture to examine the chaotic crossroads of culture and the human experience. He creates lush and textured surfaces with a v...

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