Julius Göthlin


Reveling in the undefined form

“Structure and chaos, where repetitive elements meet”

Lava lamps and snow globes had Julius Göthlin fixated as a child: the way they create a moving world, ripe for fantasy. Today, his artwork reflects that very fascination with the complexity and randomness of undefined worlds. The Stockholm based artist explores structure, chaos and the often inexplicable behavior of moving materials. His dreamlike pieces, which have been exhibited across Sweden and greater Europe, are his way of investigating what influences our brains to interpret and experience something as “moving”.

It’s the subtleties of visual fragments, light phenomenons, conversations and sounds that inspire Julius to create. For Absolut Art, he presents surface scans from larger “micro-universes”. His visually dynamic artwork highlights the often rhythmic, often haphazard movement of bodies and materials. In these artfully unexpected creations, Julius allowed creases, pebbles and dust to behave and shift as they naturally would, creating a life of their own as they represent the world they came from.