United States

kyttenjanae is the avatar with a human connection

“I hope to ignite universal, primal responses that transcend language, location, and time.”

kyttenjanae is a media artist and online avatar who lives and works in Los Angeles. She previously studied media arts at the University of California, where she graduated in 2014 with a BA. The artist is interested in the cross section of experimental animation, technology and interactivity. This is reflected in her tools, which include a variety of programmes such as Cinema4D, Blender, Unity3D, and Processing, as well as live interactive visuals for shows and concerts. kyttenjanae’s work has been shown internationally at the New New Wight, the Irish Museum of Modern Art, FILE Sao Paulo 2015, Everything is Festival etc.
The artwork that kyttenjanae has created for Absolut Art will explore themes surrounding connection and growth. She aims to remove barriers that viewers may have in understanding her work, such as complexity and subtlety. Instead, she hopes to trigger familiar human emotions that can be universally understood.