Melissa Brown

United States

To find the otherworldly in the ordinary

“I get obsessed with the way a mundane experience can suddenly take on a universal, symbolic meaning”

It begins with a random slice of life. Then she brings in fantasy, memory and fiction. For Melissa Brown, the beauty of art is expanding perception and presenting a world beyond the boundaries of linear experience. It’s about capturing a multi-registered view of the multiplicity of reality. The New York based artist creates her colorful, often dreamlike paintings and animations using an array of disparate techniques, from photo screen print to airbrush to oil. An idea can start with a simple glance in the rear view mirror or a trip to the casino, before evolving into her own identifiable take on the real meets the virtual and the magical.

Melissa’s artwork, which she mostly creates in her Brooklyn studio, has been exhibited across New York City from the Whitney Museum of Art to NADA member Derek Eller, as well as all over Europe and the Americas in solo and group shows. Her fascination with poker lead her to create a unique installation for NADA 2015, which saw art fair goers spying on an elaborately set up private poker game… all in the name of art.