Mr June

The Neatherlands

In a quest for the perfect form, intuition outweighs ratio

“I never sketch, I just react”

Mr. June goes with his gut. A Dutch mural artist who sees the streets as an art playground, perhaps you can tell his roots are grounded in the golden age of hip hop and vibrant street culture. He was a teenager in the 80s: a breakdancer and graffiti artist. Graphic design school followed, and a prominent ad agency tapped him as their art director even before he graduated. But a brief dalliance in the corporate world was enough for Mr June, who pretty soon gravitated back to where it all began: street art.

Lines, direction, color shading and an illusion of dimension: Mr. June lives and plays at the intersection of graffiti and abstract art. Complexity and simplicity. For Absolut Art, Mr June presents CUBES: an exploration of the hexagon, on city walls across the world.

Out Of Order is Mr. June’s design studio; another outlet for his fervent love of graphics and typography. Here, he delights companies with his unique knack for branding by way of chaos and innovation.

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Mr. June: No Mistakes, Just Happy Accidents

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