Digitally inspired, made real


“I like when you can tell it’s been made with your own hands”

Ollio is moved by TV, Instagram and the world around him. A true graffiti artist of the current generation, the Swede might find equal inspiration in an underwater documentary and the damp, forested walk to his studio. He was among the first on the Gothenburg street art scene to reveal his identity, tagging his work with his name. He’s since made a solid name from himself in his home city, which he knows like the back of his hand.

Color and pattern are among Ollio’s fascinations. Intertwining, interconnecting lines and shapes and the contrast of black lines with the shades in between: Ollio makes it all come together in his brilliant impressions, all created with his two hands. Since he’s easily bored by sameness, Ollio thrives on working with different materials: newsprint, paper, wood, canvas and textiles have all at some point been a platform for his artful designs. And walls, of course.

You can catch Ollio’s work in exhibitions all over Europe. Or, where and how it all began: enriching the streets of Gothenburg and giving life to its alleys.