Stina Persson

Seductive and Traditional, Provocative and Imperfect


“I always want to have an edge, something a little bit dirty, something not finished.”

Beauty and blemish always jockey for position in the dazzling fashion illustrations of artist Stina Persson. Among the Stockholm-based illustrator’s inspirations are the Austrian artist Egon Schiele, notorious for his nudes, as well as modernist titan Henri Matisse, who said that art should be like an easy chair. Persson’s distinctive vision has resulted in collaborations with an extraordinary roster of clients, ranging from Louis Vuitton and L’Oréal to Coca Cola and Godiva as well as publications like Vogue and Elle.

Working with watercolor, an unforgiving medium that requires great finesse, exemplifies the way she walks a line between order and chaos. “I need to control it but I also need to be open to whatever happens, because if I control it too much it loses the life of the drawing,” says the artist. She often creates dozens of drawings to get one that correctly balances gorgeous and gritty.

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