Thomas Dozol

Thomas is a camera virtuoso


“I’m fascinated by how much our sense of physicality and identity is shifting, as our lives become more digitally integrated.”

Thomas Dozol was born in Martinique and educated in Paris, before he moved to New York. Initially pursuing an acting career, he eventually decided that he wanted to work behind the camera and document other performers on stage. This eventually lead him to photographic assignments from magazines like Interview, Another Man, Vogue Paris, and Monopol. Since then, Dozol’s work has expanded to include silk screen and sculptural works, as well as more abstract photographic studies.
Dozol has created two photographs for Absolut Art, both of which relate to his larger body of work. The first, “A darker summer”, is part of a portrait series where Dozol photographs friends and acquaintances who are mainly artists. The second, “(+/-)”, captures the human body as a sculpture that is also void of personality.