Erik Berglin
New and Old Possibilities - Boat
40 x 30 cm
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New and Old Possibilities - Boat

New and Old Possibilities - Boat

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New and Old Possibilities - Boat by Erik Berglin

Product details
Print size
40 x 30 cm
Print type
Limited edition of 30
Paper type
Semiglossy Paper


New and Old Possibilities - Boat

About Erik Berglin

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Erik plays with perception

“When that particular song is on, you just start dancing.”

Aha. That’s that moment Erik weaves into his work. His art catches your eye, draws you in and then you understand better the message he has for you. Like his street art. Give it a second glance and you’ll discover that all is not as it seems. Erik likes to hang out at Central Station, when he’s not creating some reality altering artwork. He enjoys watching the people pass by, unsure of who they are or where they are heading.