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Paul McDevitt Independent
80 x 60 cm
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Shamebow by Paul McDevitt

Product details
Print size
80 x 60 cm
Print type
3 colour “split fountain” screen-print
Limited edition of 50
Paper type
Munken Polar 300gsm

About Paul McDevitt

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Get to know Paul McDevitt

Paul brings life to to the barren and desolate.

“I think of my work for Absolut Art as a type of 21st century pop art– one where there’s nothing in the windows and the shops are all closed.”

Paul McDevitt works with various media, including painting, drawing, sculpture and video. What is consistent in all of his works is a fantastical aesthetic that is not only vividly colourful but also intricately detailed. Born in Scotland in 1972, McDevitt lives in Berlin, which he finds civilised and unaffected by global hyper-capitalism. He regularly reworks tropes and motifs in historical artworks, translating them with humble mediums such as ink, graffiti and collage. McDevitt’s submission for Absolut Art began in British towns affected by the recession. The images feature the white-washed windows of the towns’ closed shops, with the works later treated with colour and a halftone raster.