Even at a distance our sense of community, solidarity and shared humanity is stronger than ever. Collectively we’re finding new ways to stay connected and creative, with our minds, hearts and the materials we have at home. We’re proud to introduce a series of videos with our Absolut Artists – #AtHomeWithAbsolutArt – as they get creative in their homes and studios.

It’s our deep conviction that artists express important ideas about the times we live in, and thus offers us a sense of connection just as tangible in an era of social distancing. Absolut Art hopes that in this moment of challenge, we can help you create a space for comfort and creativity.

@justkeebs‘ bright and uplifting work explores social justice elements of Black Liberation movements, merging the old with the new by re-envisioning ancestors through new media. In the latest episode of #AtHomeWithAbsolutArt, the Harlem-based artist takes us through her creative process of cutting, layering and building new forms from original photographs. Photo@365Ken; Music: @mercthebigbodybenz


Let’s deep-dive into watercolor! Absolut Artist @JeanetteGetrost shows us how she finds inspiration through the many books and images she keeps around the house, then channels that energy into quick, and beautiful, artwork studies. “My warm-ups usually consists of flipping through my art reference library and finding an image that catches my eye,” she tells us. “I then decide what mediums I want to use to bring the study to life. The goal here isn’t to be exact, or to spend too much time. It’s just a good exercise for me to get my eye warmed up before tackling my finished works, or relax my mind if I’m overthinking or feeling creatively blocked.” Materials: Pencil, concentrated watercolor, a little bit of chalk, and toned mixed-media paper


The world is in need of a superhero, especially in hard times. This theme is echoed in #LisaTorner’s new piece for #AbsolutArt, ” In need of a superhero,” now available on our site (link in bio). Watch as she creates the piece, overlaying an image of the popular superhero onto the cover of the #WallStreetJournal, amidst dark headlines, on a day when the crisis became real to the world.


Absolut Artist @odddc is staying in the creative groove during quarantine. He’s given us a glimpse into his artistic process: tune in as he begins an original artwork for the vinyl release of #SchizoFunAddict‘s new album, “The Last Wave.” Like what you hear? Todd’s playing “Shadow Mantra” from the record. Like what you see? Limited-edition works by the artist are available on our site!


Isolation meets ideation for artistic couples quarantining together. In the inaugural episode of our new IGTV series, Creative Couples in Quarantine, Absolut Artist @JamesAThomas and @_s_i_o_b_h_a_n__ take us through the many iterations of how they use their kitchen table during isolation.


Ever wonder how artists make their ideas come to life? We recently checked in with New York–based Absolut Artist @_HannahWhitaker, who revealed some tricks of the trade and the process she used to create her Absolut artwork “Blue Bubble.”


Absolut Artist @BoveyLee is helping art lovers bring a bit of nature indoors in our latest edition of #AtHomeWithAbsolutArt. Ready to get started? All you’ll need is a piece of paper, a pencil, a ruler, an X-Acto knife, and a little creativity.


Have you been revisiting some of your favorite photos lately? Absolut Artist @JoeCruzStudio can help you up-cycle an old photo into a one-of-a-kind work of art. Pastel portrait class is in session—ready, set, create!


Paint. Trace. Design. Delight. There’s no time like the present to exercise your creative impulses. In our latest episode of #AtHomeWithAbsolutArt, London-based Absolut Artist @ThierryPorter offers up a Figure Painting 101 lesson.


Do you associate specific colors with special moments or feelings from your past? Places, emotions, and memories inspire the color palettes and patterns of Absolut Artist @KristinTexeira’s abstract paintings. In our latest edition of #AtHomeWithAbsolutArt, the Brooklyn-based artist takes us inside her studio for a live panting demonstration. Learn about her materials, methods, and process—then create an at-home color story of your own.


@Shantell_Martin offers up a compelling reason to stay home and let your ideas take shape. Grab paper and a marker, and learn some pro drawing tips from the expert. For more from Shantell, browse our exclusive collection of limited-edition artworks. For every print purchased between now and June 30th from the collection, the buyer will also receive a signed copy of her latest book, “Shantell Martin: Lines,” launching April 7th. #AreYouYou [Cover Image: @ManoloCampion]


We’re kicking off our #AtHomeWithAbsolutArt series with #CarlyKuhn@thecartorialist. “Plant” yourself right there and learn how to create artworks at home, using plants and other materials foraged from around the house. Suggested materials: Sharpie markers, dried or fresh flowers and leaves, fashion magazines, scissors, tape. Share your creation with us using the above hashtag, and be sure to follow along for more at-home exclusives from your favorite Absolut Artists.