Meet the artist

Bovey Lee

Craving nature, building over it

“I am drawn to nature as a modern fantasy"

Bovey Lee explores the tension between our obsession with urbanism and our contradictory desire to experience nature. A nod to her Chinese heritage, the artist uses xuan (rice) paper to create iconic cut paper art with a message. As she “draws with a knife”, you might spot her background in Chinese calligraphy as well as her talent for identifying absurdity. Her work looks at how removed we are from what we claim to love the most. Hong Kong born and raised, Bovey Lee was drawn to Los Angeles for its celebration of diversity and creativity. There she resides, creating beautiful art that captures how we treat, and mistreat, the environment.

Her work has been exhibited across the world, at the Museum Kunst der Westkueste in Germany, Brooklyn Museum of Art in New York, the Museum of Craft and Design in California and the Museum of Fine Arts in Beijing.