Leif Elggren
Leif Elggren Belenius Nordenhake
Tin-can Crowns
43 x 58 cm
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Tin-can Crowns by Leif Elggren

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Print size
43 x 58 cm
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Limited edition of 150
Paper type
225 g Daumier
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Leif Elggren

Leif Elggren

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Leif and the art of the impossible

"The realization that everything is impossible but lies open before each and everyone of us."

Born in 1950, Leif lives and works in Stockholm and has produced an impressive body of work over the years. He’s a conceptual artist where music is often the soundtrack to a visual installation. Earlier in his career, Leif specialised in drawing, design and book printing and used to publish art books in the 70s. Around this time, he also started to get involved with performance art, working alongside Hausswolff and Thomas Liljenberg. It was with Hausswolff that he went on to produce a number of albums.