Frequently Asked Questions


Why collect from Absolut Art?
Founded with the mission of making art accessible and affordable, Absolut Art is a tightly curated, global art gallery that sells limited edition prints that ship within 48 hours, framed and ready to hang. Absolut Art collaborates with emerging and established artists and works with artists who are diverse in race, ethnicity, and sexual orientation and identity. We are always focused on creating a seamless experience for collectors and artists alike. Absolut has a proud 30-year history of working with artists like Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, and Louise Bourgeois.

What is an Absolut Art Limited Edition?
Absolut Art collaborates with contemporary artists to create signed, limited edition artworks, meaning that the artist makes a small run of identical prints, each with a certificate of authenticity, available exclusively through Absolut Art. This way, we can bring you the art at more affordable prices than you would pay for unique, one-off pieces. The artist directly oversees production of the prints, so you know you’re getting a work that meets the artist’s high standards. Once an edition is sold out, it’s gone forever.

Absolut Art artworks are museum-quality prints, mounted and framed. We use premium archival inks on museum-quality paper. Printmaking has a storied history with artists and is a medium that allows them to engage with a wide audience by economically creating larger numbers of artworks, and to sell them at affordable prices.

Some of the greatest printmakers of our time, many of whom Absolut has collaborated with, include Andy Warhol, Louise Bourgeois, Pablo Picasso, Roy Lichtenstein, and Robert Rauschenberg.

You won’t have to wait long to see your new treasure on your wall—on business days, your art is shipped within 48 hours.

Why does the price of the artworks change over time?
As the name suggests, limited edition artworks are produced in small quantities, and once they are all sold, no more will be made. The more of the print run of an artwork sells, the more rare the remaining ones become, so as demand for one of these editions goes up, so does the price. Buying early ensures you’re getting the work at the most competitive price available.

Does Absolut Art work with professionals in the trade?
Yes, Absolut Art offers a program for consultants and designers. To learn more and sign up for our trade program, please contact


How does Absolut Art select its artists?
We work with expert curators and collaborators and seek out Absolut Art artists at galleries, museums, art fairs and artists’ studios, where they select them for invitation based on their creative practice and artistic vision.

What does Absolut Art do for artists?
Absolut Art provides our artists with unrivalled exposure to an audience of cultural consumers and enthusiasts.

The artists we invite to work with us have complete creative control over the prints they create with the assistance of Absolut Art’s curatorial team, who are there to help them execute their vision.

Does the artist make money on every sale?
Yes. We split the profits 50-50.

How often are new artists and artworks added to the site? Can I be notified?
Absolut Art’s curators are always seeking out new artists at galleries, museums, and art fairs around the world. To learn about new print editions and new collaborations with artists as well as events and other offers, just sign up for our newsletter.

If I love an artist’s new work, can I get a piece in a special size or can I commission a new work?
We’d be happy to discuss a special request or potential commission with the artist on your behalf. Please reach out to Absolut Art will provide the artist guidance and ensure that you are satisfied with the special request. Absolut Art will also facilitate any production, payment processing, insurance, and shipping requirements.


What is a limited edition print?
Whereas an open edition artwork appears in unlimited quantities, a limited edition is a print run of only a fixed number, which the artist agrees on in conversation with Absolut Art. Once an edition sells out, it’s gone forever. Limited edition prints are more valuable than open edition prints, because the artist controls the scarcity of each artwork. The artist’s signature gives prints even more value.

What makes Absolut Art artworks different from other prints?
Absolut Art recruits some of the world’s greatest talents and brings you trademark works by them, with high-quality materials, all at a price you can afford. Our artworks are archival-quality pigment prints, mounted and framed. We use premium inks on museum-quality paper using digital processes such as digital inkjet and c-prints. We also have some works of other printmaking techniques, such as etching, woodcut, and lithography.

All Absolut Art Limited Editions are available in our museum-quality frames, handcrafted in Germany. Framing is a massive, hidden cost often overlooked in art sales; we save you all that trouble, time, and expense. Ours include UV-proof plexiglass, to protect your artwork from aging and discoloration.

All artworks are signed and numbered by the artist and delivered with a certificate of authenticity (COA).

Absolut Art editions are printed on top-quality paper from the German papermaker Hahnemühle, which was founded in 1584 and whose papers have been used by countless artists throughout the centuries

No long lead times. On business days, your art is shipped within 48 hours of receiving your order confirmation.

What is an Absolut Art Limited Edition?
Printmaking has a storied history with artists and is a medium that allows artists to engage with a wide audience by creating a set of identical prints, whether small or large, each of which sells for less than a unique artwork would. Absolut Art’s Limited Edition prints are our way of making art that is affordable for everyone. Absolut Art collaborates with contemporary artists to create limited edition artworks, which means that instead of making just a single piece, the artist makes a small quantity of prints, available for sale exclusively through Absolut Art. The artist directly oversees production and sets the edition size. Once an edition is sold out, it’s gone forever.

Absolut Art artworks are museum-quality archival pigment prints, and they come professionally mounted and framed. We use premium archival inks on museum quality, archival paper.

Building on Absolut’s thirty year involvement with contemporary art (including collaborations with some of the greatest printmakers of our time like Andy Warhol, Louise Bourgeois, and Robert Indiana) our goal at Absolut Art is to expand access to contemporary art, support local artist communities, and democratize the art buying process.

Is the artwork signed?
All artworks are signed and numbered by the artist. Additionally, they are delivered with a legally binding certificate of authenticity (COA).

How are artworks authenticated?
All artworks are signed and numbered by the artist and delivered with a certificate of authenticity.

Will Absolut Art ever reissue an edition?
No, we will never reissue an Absolut Art Limited Edition. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever.

Where are Absolut Art Limited Editions made?
Absolut Art Limited Editions are handmade in Stockholm, Sweden.

How are the frames made?
Our museum-quality aluminum frames are hand crafted in Germany by Halbe Rahmen. Standout features include:

UV Protection: Our frames have UV proof plexiglass so keep your archival artworks safe and protect them from aging and discoloration.

Magnetic (no clips or tools): Our frames are magnetic and can be removed and replaced in just a few seconds, o tools required. The artwork is inserted from the front to ensure exact positioning without shifting.

Durability: Embossed steel connects the aluminum profile frame in all four corners to provide exceptional durability. Our frames have a pH-neutral hard foam board equipped with an acid-free layer as well as a barrier coat made of aluminum for protection against humidity.

Precision: The flush 45-degree mitre is almost invisible. The unmatched precision is achieved through superior handcrafting.

Hanging: The backside of the frame is optimally prepared with hanging holes and felt pads for time-saving and precise hanging.

Can I choose my own frame?
Yes, we have both black and white options. Additionally, our artists provide recommendations for what frame they feel best complements their artwork.

What are my framing options?
Absolut Art offers both framed and unframed prints.

All Absolut Art Limited Editions are available in our museum-quality, handcrafted frames. Framing is a massive, hidden cost often overlooked in art sales. It can be time-consuming to track down a quality framer.

Our museum-quality aluminum frames are hand crafted in Germany and are equipped with UV-proof plexiglass to preserve and protect your artwork. As an added bonus, they are magnetic which means you can switch out your prints in a matter of seconds; no tools required.


Do I need to set up an account to place an order?
No, you do not need an account to place an order.

How do I work with an Absolut Art Advisor? Is this an additional cost?
Our Absolut Art Advisors are happy to help you find artwork you’ll love, at no added charge; it’s what they love to do. Just email and we’ll get you all set up!

What forms of payment do you accept?
Absolut Art currently accepts Klarna for European countries, for the US we support PayPal and credit card payments. All transactions are handled over a secure connection.

Do I need to pay tax?
Absolut Art charges applicable sales tax and/or VAT based upon your shipping address.

Do you offer installment payments?
Yes, we offer installment payments through Klarna for our Swedish customers.


How can I track my order?
As soon as you purchase your artwork, Absolut Art will keep you updated on your order status via email. The moment your artwork is shipped, you’ll receive a tracking number.

Can I change my order?
If you need to change your order, please contact us immediately at

Does Absolut Art ship internationally?
Yes, if your country is not on the list of available shipping destinations, please contact us.

Do I pay for shipping?
Shipping costs are currently as follows:


Sweden SEK 249.00
UK GBP 35.00
Europe EUR 45.00
US USD 49.00*


Location 40 x 50 50 x 70 60 x 80 95 x 130
Sweden SEK 199.00 SEK 299.00 SEK 299.00 SEK 999.00
UK GBP 29.00 GBP 39.00 GBP 45.00 GBP 129.00
Europe EUR 39.00 EUR 45.00 EUR 49.00 EUR 169.00
US USD 39.00* USD 49.00* USD 59.00* USD 179.00*

* excluding Tax

When can I expect to receive my Absolut Art artwork?
We ship orders within 48 hours (business days) and it will be delivered within 3-5 days once shipped. If you need it sooner, reach out to and we’ll do our best to help. If you’re not happy with your purchase, returns are free.

What if something happens to my artwork in transit? Will my shipment be insured?
Yes, your shipment is insured at no additional cost to you.

Will a signature be required for delivery by DHL? If so, who can sign for it?
For insurance purposes and to ensure the safekeeping of your art, we require a signature upon delivery. We will accept a signature of anyone present at the address.

How do you ship your art?
Your artwork ships in an eco-friendly Absolut Art box made specifically for your artwork.

For customers in Sweden, orders are shipped with PostNord. For international orders DHL and FedEx are our principal courier services.

Can you ship to a PO Box?
No, sorry!

Can I view the artwork in person prior to purchase?
From time to time, Absolut Art hosts events and pop-ups around the world where you can browse and shop.

Is the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) included?


What is Absolut Art’s exchange and return policy?
We believe that seeing is believing, and we know it’s an important purchase. Absolut Art gives you the opportunity to live with your art for 30 days after delivery. If you decide before the end of this period that you’d like a refund or exchange, we’re happy to oblige.

For returns, you are refunded the full transaction amount, including original shipping cost, as long as we receive both the artwork and Certificate of Authenticity (COA) in their original condition.

For exchanges, you only have to pay or receive a refund for any difference in price, shipping and tax. You will not be charged for the shipping on the return of your original purchase.

How do I exchange or return my artwork?
Should you need to make a return or exchange, contact us at and we will provide instructions, as well as make any necessary arrangements.

What do I need to get a full refund?
You will need to return both the artwork and the Certificate of Authenticity (COA) in good condition.


I’m an artist. How can I submit art to you?
Absolut Art’s artist roster is chosen by our international curatorial team; however, we always love to learn about new talent and we review artist submissions regularly. Please submit your information here to be considered.

What does Absolut Art pay artists?
Artists receive commissions from every sale: Absolut Art follows industry standard, offering artists 50% of all profits.

What does Absolut Art offer artists?
Absolut Art provides our artists unrivalled exposure to an audience of cultural consumers and enthusiasts. Our artists gain access to Absolut’s global brand reach and consumers as we launch in new cities: Absolut has up to 98% category awareness in over 100 countries across all continents with millions of engagements every month.

Absolut Art artists have total creative control over the execution of their exclusive limited editions, which they create in collaboration with Absolut Art’s curatorial team. Our editorial team works with each artist to tell their unique story.


Press and Media
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Art Fairs & Events
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