The Toolbox

In the spirit of simplification, here are some artful shortcuts to make choosing and hanging art a breeze.


Design Your Wall


Pairing art with your home is where the fun begins. See it (literally) before you buy it.

1. Pick a room.
2. Color your walls.
3. Drag and drop artworks.

Love your wall yet? Pop it in your cart, check out and it’ll be shipped to you within 48 hours.


ArtSwipe: match your tastes


Because you both need to feel the connection. Swipe right to love, left to leave. Gather a collection of your favorite art, then hit “submit” to share with your partner or friends.


Need advice?


Like we said, we’re art-obsessed. Send us a photo of your empty wall and we’ll chime in with advice on how to fill it. Shoot us an email at


Hangsmart (coming in 2018)


Put away the leveler and spackle; we’ve invented a sane way to hang art. We’re excited to bring you the world's first all-in-one device for mounting, positioning and adjusting any work of art. Nifty.