Absolut Art, in collaboration with SAS, deck the walls of Newark Liberty International Airport's SAS Lounge with a uniquely curated selection of artworks. The series pays homage to our beautiful Scandinavia, and is sprinkled with globally sourced pieces in a nod to the stunning power of travel to connect, inspire and educate.

Absolut Art personally touch down in the lounge to host interactive events, designed to enrich the cultural curiosities of vivacious travelers and champion pioneering artists. We look forward to transforming the airport experience forever.

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  1. Artwork Still Resolution (Torne River) XIV by Catrin Andersson Still Resolution (Torne River) XIV
  2. Artwork Untitled - untitled by Moley Talhaoui Untitled - untitled
  3. Artwork Bird #62 (Reykjavik) by Erik Berglin Bird #62 (Reykjavik)
  4. Artwork Can You Grab Smoke? by Malin Gabriella Nordin Can You Grab Smoke?
  5. Artwork Chewed Clouds (I) by Glenda León Chewed Clouds (I)
  6. Artwork Glasses to see the world by Glenda León Glasses to see the world
  7. Artwork En la paz del azul reina la cólera del rojo by Yornel Martinez En la paz del azul reina la cólera del rojo
  8. Artwork Chicago by Gustav Wiking Chicago
  9. Artwork Water by Gustav Wiking Water
  10. Artwork Miami by Mr June Miami
  11. Artwork Bird #35 (Trichoglossus haematodus) by Erik Berglin Bird #35 (Trichoglossus haematodus)
  12. Artwork O by Andrew Kuo O
  13. Artwork Untitled Painting in Cerulean by Sayre Gomez Untitled Painting in Cerulean
  14. Artwork Sandbagged by John Knuth Sandbagged
  15. Artwork BAD BRAINS - Mask with eye by Samara Golden BAD BRAINS - Mask with eye
  16. Artwork Blue Curtain (Nyhamnsläge) by Johanna Ekström Blue Curtain (Nyhamnsläge)
  17. Artwork Two States by Fredrik Hofwander Two States
  18. Artwork Transfer by Nadine Byrne Transfer
  19. Artwork Myrorna Ropsten - Sweden by Kristian Bengtsson Myrorna Ropsten - Sweden
  20. Artwork Los Feliz Equation by Emanuel Röhss Los Feliz Equation
  21. Artwork Girl Out The Window by Ruvan Wijesooriya Girl Out The Window
  22. Artwork Töntarna på dansbanan by Jan Stenmark Töntarna på dansbanan
  23. Artwork o.T. (G. G.) by Gregor Hildebrandt o.T. (G. G.)
  24. Artwork Lit-Up by Henrik Strömberg Lit-Up
  25. Artwork Gnossiennes by Edouard Baribeaud Gnossiennes
  26. Artwork The Flat Side of the Knife - Bed by Samara Golden The Flat Side of the Knife - Bed
  27. Artwork Canvas Mirrors by Sarah Meyohas Canvas Mirrors
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