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Hi, welcome to Absolut Art!

We believe art collecting should be seamless for you, sustainable for artists, and fun for all. From discovering the perfect artwork to displaying it with ease, we help you upgrade your walls with curated contemporary art from around the world. Because art > white walls.


Geeking out over art is fun, and truth be told we've been doing it for over 30 years. It all began in 1986, when Andy Warhol kicked off 600+ artist collaborations with Absolut. Collaborations with everyone from Jean Michel Basquiat to Damien Hirst - brought art by established and emerging talents to a global audience. These collaborations were great at making you aware of art, but they didn't give you access to it. That's where Absolut Art comes in.


Discovering artists around the world is a privilege, and we're lucky to be guided by a community of highly respected curators who get it. By meeting these curators in hotspots around the world - Stockholm, Havana, Berlin - we're able to hit the ground running, visiting 50+ studios in each city before handpicking our favourite artists - a mix of established and up-and-comers - and working directly with them to create original signed editions that are iconic to their oeuvre. Plus we film the experience so you can step into the artist studios with us. After all, context is king.


From curated discovery to effortless display, we help you connect all the dots. We don't believe in wading through a bunch of jpegs with no context or waiting 12 weeks to receive an artwork in a tube that doubles as a doorstopper.

Our job is to help you make the best choices with a lovingly handpicked selection of contemporary art from around the world that is transparently priced, shipped within 48 hours, and arrives at your door framed and ready to enjoy.

Think of discovering the perfect artwork to perfectly displaying it as one long thread that we help you needle.

Thanks for reading. Now go forth and upgrade your walls!


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