12 of our best affordable art prints

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Be it worth $200 of $3000, a well-chosen print will pep up your walls and, if you're lucky, may even become a collectors piece. Win-Win.

What if art was as easy to consume as music? Our mission is simple: democratize access to great art by closing the gap between artists creating and people collecting. From discovering the perfect artwork to displaying it on your wall, Absolut Art is with you every step of the way with the ambition of making it easy to live with art you love.


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  1. I am silver and exact
  2. This Woman Is Not Who She Seems to Be
  3. Melt
    1 915 kr
    Excl. frame
  4. Entrance
    2 105 kr
    Excl. frame
  5. Shamebow
    2 045 kr
    Excl. frame
  6. No. 2 / No. 60,000 (yellow, orange, red)
  7. Städa på söndag
    5 left
    2 530 kr
    Excl. frame
  8. Studio 3
    2 860 kr
    Excl. frame
  9. And The Sadness Lasts Forever
  10. Stjärnorna föllo ned och himmelen vek undan
  11. Famous Blue Raincoat
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