Absolut Art Gallery

We’re glad you found us.
We’re all about simplifying access to amazing art. In that sense we're just like a gallery, but one you explore from your couch. We're also far more audacious, if we do say so ourselves. We send our expert curators trekking across all corners of the globe to scout pioneering artists, then we bring their work straight to your walls.

It started with Warhol (in case you’re curious).
In 1986, Andy Warhol became enamored by Absolut's apothecary-inspired bottle, declaring "I love the design. I want to do something with it." A hardy relationship formed, which inspired over 600 more artists to join the Absolut family in the 30 years that followed.

We’re bringing that art heritage to you.
The collecting scene can be a tad intimidating, but we’re not. In the spirit of cutting to the chase, we put curated art within reach.

So, browse the Absolut Art gallery!
Flick through works by incredible artists from Havana to LA, Berlin to Hong Kong. Use our handy tools to see how your top picks will look on your walls. Then chat with our friendly, art-curious humans to see how we can help!

By the way, we’re not doing this quietly.
You'll quickly notice we stand for inclusivity and promote artist integrity every step of the way. That's just who we are.

So, start exploring. #nomorewhitewalls