Master Art in the Bedroom - Beautiful prints to aid sweet dreams

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Your bedroom isn’t just a space to sleep in, it’s where the stuff of dreams are made, so rest easy and set the mood for slumber by decking out your walls with some of our carefully selected limited-edition prints.

Bedroom art can be a great way to add personality to your sleeping space without the need to splash too much cash, or make drastic changes to your walls. Hanging prints above headboards and bedside cabinets can create balance and fluidity between your bedroom furniture and bring otherwise blank walls to life. Low or no headboard? Replace headboards with a selection of prints in a pyramidal shaped wall gallery to draw attention to the main focus of your room, your bed.

Add ambience and express your personality by combining themes and setting moods. Whether you’re aiming to create a warm and safe environment, a meditation haven, or a boudoir backdrop, coordinating colours, textures and surface patterns with prints can help to add fluidity and character to your bedroom.

With over a hundred international artists to select works from, Absolut Art are here to help you discover contemporary art and to decorate walls you can be proud of.