Graduation day pride - unforgettable gifts for commemorative occasions

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Celebrate an epic moment with an extraordinary gift by marking an important milestone with a limited edition print.

Whether embarking on further studies, transitioning to working life, or planning a trip around the world, most will remember their graduation day as one of the proudest moments in their lives. Nowadays gifts are considered just as important as the diploma, so why not purchase one that will last equally as long. Whether it’s an abstract work of art, or a print with a humorous message, there’s sure to be something for everyone and though gadgets may be more technical, a sentimental gift is definitely one that will be remembered.

We source our limited edition prints from around the globe by scouring local creative scenes for art by promising artists, which we make available to you via our online gallery making collecting contemporary art easier than ever before. With prints at affordable prices, you’ll be sure to find an ideal gift within your price range.


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  1. Ruling the Void
  2. Centre Realism
    2 875 kr
    Excl. frame
  3. The Flat Side of the Knife - Bed
  4. This Is the Person I Was Telling You About
  5. We Like Fire and We Don't Mind if it Smokes
    2 875 kr
    Excl. frame
  7. The Anatomy of a Selection Procedure
  8. Untitled
    2 090 kr
    Excl. frame
  9. Los Feliz Equation
    1 980 kr
    Excl. frame
  10. The Drifting Starfish 1
    6 left
    4 510 kr
    Excl. frame
  11. In the Grand Scheme of Things
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