Lounge Art - contemporary prints to light up your living room

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Nail the art of hanging prints in your living room with our inspirational, limited edition prints, picked by the Absolut Art team especially for you.

Your living room can speak a thousand words through its walls. Whether a place for family to relax, or for friends to converse, Absolut Art can help you set the mood and decorate your living room walls with affordable contemporary art.

Create a stunning feature wall without having to paint or apply wallpaper to walls by grouping a series of prints together. Combining different sized prints and busy scenes helps to make an other-wise flat space more dynamic. Bold colours and plenty of patterns will pop and create movement against white walls, whereas sticking to monochromes and minimalist themes will create a more relaxed environment.

Give some thought as to how you’ll hang your prints, because arrangement can be as effective as the number of prints, colours and designs you choose to hang. Arranging your prints horizontally and symmetrically can add balance and harmony to the mixture, where as vertically arranged prints can create the illusion of height.

Whether purchasing a selection, or a single work of art, don’t hold back. Stir your imagination, create moods and express your personality in your living room space and who knows, maybe one of your prints will become a collectors items some day. Imagine that!