Meet the artist


Avantika AKA Womenpow

"Empowering women creates a more equal society"

In Avantika's city of Mumbai, where gender roles and inequality remain prevalent, the spectrum of crimes committed and discrimination against women continues to increase.

Formally trained in fine art, Avantika uses surrealism as a means to portray what is beyond our conscious perspective. With her art and activities under the alias Womenpow, she wants to encourage women empowerment and help women evolve into the best beings they can be.

In her work, Avantika combines all elements of the female charisma as a show of strength and unity.

For every limited-edition artwork sold, we're proud to donate all profits to support Avantika's series of drum circle events, where the women of the community come together and take up different instruments to make music together. The drum circle sessions are both therapeutic for the women’s social well being as well as empowering, as people playing realize the importance of every role and instrument in creating something impactful.