Eva Berendes
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Eva’s artworks include all shapes and sizes

“I think of my practise as painting in an expansive sense, which involves a deep relationship between architecture, the object and the body of the viewer.”

Eva Berendes’ work is marked by a systematic use of colour against a backdrop of geometry. Whether it is a series of steel rods that are welded together before lacquer is applied on top, or steel grids adorned with chain, rope and textiles, her work creates spatial experiences that relate not only to the site where work is installed, but also to the scale of the viewer who observes the work. Berendes has created a series of posters for Absolut Art. They are inspired by specific sections of brochures that come from the supermarket adjacent to her studio. Previously used in the artist’s larger sculptural works, the posters investigate how cheap and pragmatic design is connected to the abstract spaces where the store’s products are displayed.