Hamlet Lavastida
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Exploring the ideological language that promised to shape a new reality

“Let’s be clear. I and my generation believe in the revolution, the thing in which I not believe is in the corrupt institutionalization and in the perpetual silence inherited for almost 60 decades.”

Hamlet Lavastida is a political activist by way of his art. The provocative, boundary-pushing artist thrives on highlighting the distinctly Cuban spirit of cultural resistance. His work, for which he has been exiled more than once, reconstructs old Cuban political and military propaganda. Hamlet delights in the fact that his work allows him to be a detective; winding through historical linguistic and iconographic tools employed by the regime.

Born and raised in Havana, Hamlet wants us to rethink Cuba. As the country evolves and contemplates its future, he feels a responsibility to keep Cuba’s true identity and spirit of resistance alive.

Hamlet’s work has been exhibited across the globe, including at the Artium Museum in Spain, the Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art in Poland, and the Liverpool Biennial Festival of Contemporary Art.