Meet the artist

Matthias Bitzer

Matthias goes face to face with his subjects

“My work is about constant beginnings.”

Matthias Bitzer achieved a milestone on February 2015, when his works were displayed in India for the first time. The solo exhibition, named “Islands and Chains”, was inspired by 19th century icons in the fields of film, literature, music and dance. Bitzer's artworks explore ideas on personal identity, as he combines portraits of people with geometric shapes and colours. For Absolut Art, Bitzer has created two works. One of them is named “The Ghostly Orbits”, and features a portrait of Cuban author Anaïs Nin with a series of overlapping circles. The second work, entitled “A Saint to Drifters and Thieves”, depicts German dancer and actress Anita Berber, again with a similar geometric application.