Meet the artist

Phil Chang

Phil examines the practise of photography

“I have stayed in Los Angeles due to the strength of its art schools, the quality discussion amongst my peers, the space for experimentation and the engaging level of critical discourse around art and photography.”

Having lived in Los Angeles for the past 24 years, Phil Chang has received his MFA from The California Institute of the Arts and his BA from the University of California. Chang is heavily influenced by photography, though his practise reaches far beyond the camera, and into the historical, cultural and economic forces that shape photography. In doing so, his work manipulates the depiction of photography through duration, materiality, and photographic processes. Chang's solo exhibitions include Praz-Delavallade (2015), The California Museum of Photography at UCRARTSblock (2015), M+B (2014); LAXART (2012); and Pepin Moore (2012). For Absolut Art, Chang’s uses a sponge to manually apply inkjet printer ink onto inkjet paper. He experiments with the different types of inkjet paper, all which create varying results.