Sinta Werner
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Sinta sets the scene with spatial insight

“In my installations, the exhibition space itself becomes part of the artwork.”

Heavily influenced by the spaces that she discovers whilst travelling or in everyday life, Berlin-based Sinta Werner works at the intersection of image, sculpture and architecture. She is the recipient of numerous awards and residency grants such as the Alfred Töpfer Stiftung and Karl Hofer Gesellschaft, and has exhibited in places like Zürich and Baden. Werner’s work plays with geometry, scale and line, encouraging viewers to re-interpret how they understand the spaces that surround them. The starting point of Werner’s submission for Absolut Art began with an interest in staged realities– one often found in the film industry when parts of a scene are made in scale-model size to save time and effort. In Werner’s work, the scale model fits seamlessly with the rest of the scene, but also feels disconnected with the surrounding space given its difference in size.