Lorraine Motel, Memphis, TN

60 x 80 cm
Signed and numbered edition, e.g:
Edition of 36


  • Black 60×80 frame(6949:-)
  • White 60×80 frame(6949:-)
  • No frame(5600:-)


  • Price with black frame: 6949:-
  • Price with white frame: 6949:-
  • Price with no frame: 5600:-
Frame: No frame
No frame ( 5600:-)

About the artwork

Lorraine Motel, Memphis, TN is the the site of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination but currently/dually the site of the National Civil Rights Museum. The Lorraine was one of the few places Blacks were allowed to stay in Memphis, and even after his assassination remained a low-rent flexible timed housing option for those in need of such. People lived in The Lorraine right up until the construction of the National Civil Rights Museum, with the last resident (Jacqueline Smith) being forcibly ejected and left with nowhere to live. She still can be found protesting outside of the National Civil Rights Museum in the exact spot she landed when they threw her from The Lorraine.

Each edition comes stamped with Wu-Tang logo emboss.

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About Azikiwe Mohammed

Even progress has its costs

“A place of togetherness”

"Multimedia artist and photographer Azikiwe Mohammed makes work that straddles the line between playful exuberance and serious social commentary—in fact, it holds that line extremely well,” critic Terence Trouillout has written...

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