Bobo Wallmansson

An ode to our similarities; an homage to our differences


“It’s like describing a generation gap between us and our primal ancestors”

From one monkey wrangling a business tie to another perched on a fancy lounge. “Why monkeys?” is the question Bobo Wallmansson hears most often. Besides the fact that it makes him happy to paint the primates, the Swedish artist is moved by both our striking similarities and our differences. Humans and monkeys have 99% of the same DNA and even share a few communication tactics, yet monkeys live with nature and we humans live off it. So it tickles Bobo to present the creatures in human contexts. For Absolut Art, he presents a series of his famed monkeys paying homage to tennis great John McEnroe.

Bobo favors working with large fields of deliberately selected color and minimal scenery, preferring instead to pull our focus on his monkeys and their interaction. As the primates interact – often awkwardly! – with the products we consume everyday, perhaps we might contemplate our choices? Bobo’s mood-setting paintings have been exhibited in group and solo shows across Sweden, as he and his monkeys continue to pique curiosity globally.