Signed and numbered edition, e.g:
Edition of 36


  • Black 50×70 frame(5499:-)
  • White 50×70 frame(5499:-)
  • No frame(4300:-)


  • Price with black frame: 5499:-
  • Price with white frame: 5499:-
  • Price with no frame: 4300:-
Frame: No frame
No frame ( 4300:-)

About the artwork

As an artist I am interested in employing material process and aesthetic reference to create an aggregate greater than the sum of its parts. Retrograde is a piece that is very much invested in both art and cultural history. It utilizes marble, found CDs, ceramic, and collage. The mosaic composition aims to suggest a recounted myth, standing as a reliquary for the untold Black experience. Retrograde is a work that ultimately looks to the past as a means of advancing forward.

Each edition comes stamped with Wu-Tang logo emboss.

Superb paper quality

Our paper comes from centuries-old maker Hahnemühle FineArt, whose products have been used by countless artists throughout history

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Signed limited edition

These aren’t posters; they’re the same unique small-batch artworks that you’d find at a gallery

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Our frames

We use aluminum frames crafted in Germany by our premium supplier Halbe Rahmen

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About Cameron Welch

A new kind of art history

“A reliquary for black experience”

“It’s all about being free,” Cameron Welch has said about his work and about his philosophy as a mixed-race artist creating representations of black figures in the traditionally white realm of “institutional painting,” as he calls painting in mainstream Western art history......

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