Fengshui 風水 XL

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  • Black frame(10599:-)
  • White frame(10599:-)
  • No frame(8000:-)


  • Price with Black frame: 10599:-
  • Price with White frame: 10599:-
  • Price with no frame: 8000:-
Frame: No frame
No frame (8000:-)

About the artwork

I’m in love with 風水. I feel she knows my deepest desires and my destiny’s calling. She carries complexity and softness, reminding me of music. As I move my brush in empty space the result is not always perfectly in line with my intention. This one is.

In addition to drawing with the light painting hardware, I also used a piece of cloth, which gives a good contrast between the softness of the fabric and the sharp edges of the hardware.

These creations are anonymous, with Japanese characters as names. Unless you read Japanese, this gives you the opportunity to create your own story. So the question is, what do you see, or, maybe more relevant, what do you feel?

Wilder has been a light painter for many years, experimenting and refining his work. In terms of technique, the images are created with custom-made hardware and a tripod, using a long shutter speed. The camera captures the movement of light as Wilder draws these creations in the air. So what you see is a black and white photograph representing a unique composition created with time and space.

About Happy Wilder

“My goal is to animate shapes in such a way as to provide scope for the viewer’s imagination and playfulness”

Swedish-born artist Happy Wilder currently lives in Stockholm but is typically nomadic. He creates artworks in which he paints with light, using physical tools, a bit like a glassblower blows his art. These...

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