60 x 80 cm
Signed and numbered edition, e.g:
Edition of 25


  • Black frame(6249:-)
  • White frame(6249:-)
  • No frame(4900:-)


  • Price with Black frame: 6249:-
  • Price with White frame: 6249:-
  • Price with no frame: 4900:-
Frame: No frame
No frame (4900:-)

About the artwork

This is an abstract work that comes out of studies for some of the portraits and other images. I do a lot of studies in small sketchbooks. The papers I use to create works like this are the cutouts from other pieces. A lot of the time they’re quite random, and you go by feeling as you put them together. It’s a very immediate way of working, and there’s an element of chance in the way they come together. I put the pieces together, and the identity of the piece comes through how the colors and the shapes combine.

About James Thomas

Capturing movement in stillness

“My work is an exploration of form as well as new techniques and colors, combinations and abstraction. What emerges are fluid shapes that appear to be in motion and/or evolution: intimate and honest but never fully revealed."

It could be said that James Thomas paints with scissors. Capturing the essence of movemen...

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