Sean Edwards
Sean Edwards Tanya Leighton Gallery
Open all night (misheard)
50 x 70 cm
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Open all night (misheard)

Open all night (misheard)

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Open all night (misheard) by Sean Edwards

Product details
Print size
50 x 70 cm
Print type
Screenprint, Novak Siebdruck
Limited edition of 25
Paper type
300gsm white paper Munken Polar


Open all night (misheard)

About Sean Edwards

Meet the artist

Sean Edwards

Get to know Sean Edwards

Sean transforms the everyday into the sculptural

“Pieces that I work on often come from materials I encounter, such as existing cultural material, an off cut from a previous sculpture, or even things I find in the gallery.”

Sean Edwards taps into the power of everyday objects, using seemingly ordinary items such as wooden blocks, masking tape and cardboard to discover new sculptural forms. The humble presence of his work shapes the way his works are viewed, and as such there is a sense that the objects are in a state of progress, indeterminate and open to change. He dabbles in disciplines such as sculpture, film, photography and print with this approach. Both of his submissions for Absolut Art revolve around an ongoing body of research into Bruce Springsteen– an endeavour that has influenced his gallery pieces over the past five years.