Emmy Skensved + Gregoire Blunt
Soft Wave Frontal
60 x 80 cm
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Soft Wave Frontal

Soft Wave Frontal

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Soft Wave Frontal by Emmy Skensved + Gregoire Blunt

Product details
Print size
60 x 80 cm
Print type
Archival Inkjet Print
Limited edition of 50
Paper type
Hahnemühle, Baryta FB 305g

About Emmy Skensved + Gregoire Blunt

Meet the artist

Emmy Skensved & Gregoire Blunt

Get to know Emmy Skensved and Gregoire Blunt

Emmy and Gregoire get high with crazy hallucinations

“Our work for Absolut Art links the manufactured authenticity of pre-packaged travel experiences with the hallucinatory escape of a drug user.”

Emmy Skensved and Gregoire Blunt are an artist duo whose collaborative practise includes digital animation, audio and installation, and whose work has been shown in Brussels, Toronto, Vienna and Berlin. Hailing from North America, the artists’ works touch issues related to economic consumption, social rituals, subcultures and technological extensions of the body. The duo’s submission for Absolut Art is entitled “Tripping & Tripping”, and spans a variety of still images derived from 3-D animated poems that the artists are currently working on. The works explore ideas surrounding psychedelic drugs, music and tourism in exotic beach locations.