What is Absolut Art?

Inspired by a thirty year commitment to contemporary art, Absolut is launching Absolut Art, a new independent extension of the Absolut brand aimed at broadening access to contemporary art on a global scale.

Our ambition is to democratize access to contemporary art so that it becomes as much a part of peoples lives as music, fashion, and food.

Absolutart.com is an online platform that makes it easy and fun for everyone to discover, access, and own contempoary art they love. It gives people all over the world insider access to the most dynamic local art scenes, offering accessibly priced limited edition artworks by established household names and emerging talents.

Where is Absolut Art based?

Absolut Art is run by an international team based in cities all over the world including Stockholm, LA, London and New York.

Why is Absolut doing this?

The contemporary art world has so much to offer but it remains primarily bricks-and-mortar and can be very intimidating and inaccessible for the uninitiated. The current ecosystem can also be intimidating for those wanting to take their first steps towards becoming collectors.

Absolut wants to make contemporary art accessible to a broad audience whilst maintaining the quality of art that the contemporary art world is known for.


Do I need to set up an account in order to make a purchase?

No, anyone can shop Absolut Art with or without account. Simply browse the site, find works you love, purchase and enjoy.

How do I change the currency settings on Absolut Art?

At the top right corner you will find four different currencies. When you are changing currency your shopping cart will be emptied. Your choice of currency will reflect shipping possibilities.

What payment methods does Absolut Art accept?

Debit and Credit Cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) for all markets. Klarna Invoice for Sweden.

How is tax calculated on my purchase?

The price is subject to 25% VAT except for sales outside EU. Additional import taxes may be added for the buyer. Please see the Terms of Sale for detailed information

My Order Won’t Go Through. What Should I Do?

If you’re still receiving an error message after reviewing your credit card information, billing and shipping address, make sure you’re using the latest version of your web browser.
Please only click the “Place Order” button once to avoid multiple authorizations.

If you continue to receive error messages, please contact Customer Care at: hello@absolutart.com

I Need To Change Something On My Order. How Can I Do That?

If you need to change or cancel your order, please contact us immediately. We generally process orders within 1-4 hours, and once our warehouse has processed your order, we will be unable to make any changes.


How are artworks authenticated?

All artworks are signed and numbered by the artists

How do you source work?

We source artworks directly from artists and their galleries. The majority of artworks are sold exclusively by Absolut Art and the print run is deliberately kept small, ideally between 25-75 editions.

Why limited editions – do you aim to develop into other areas?

Limited editions are democratic, accessible and affordable which is in line with our mission.

Do you work with artists directly?


Who selects the galleries / artists that are featured on Absolut Art? Is there an art advisory team for Absolut Art?

In order to achieve unrivalled insider access, the Absolut Art advisory team partners with a local curator on the ground in every city.

How many prints are available for each artwork:

Each artwork is a limited edition print. For specific information on how many versions exist, please visit the individual product page for details.

How often are new artworks added to Absolut Art?

New artworks will be added to the site weekly. Check back regulary to see what’s new and find works that suit your aesthetic

How can galleries / artists get involved?

Artists will be selected by a partner curator based in each city. it is not possible to apply to be featured on the site or upload content independently at this time.

Is artwork curated so that it sits alongside the Absolut Art brand?

No. Absolut Art has its own advisory team and partners with local curators to gain insider access to the most exciting galleries and artists working in a city.

Do you accept artist submissions?

You are welcome to apply here.

Will Absolut Art offer other types of art in future?

In the long term there is every possibility other artworks could be offered on the site.


What framing options do you offer?

Professional quality for your personal use! German crafted professional grade frames in black and white individually created for Absolut Art and chosen by the curators and artists to best fit the artworks. The frames are magnetic so they are super easy to use - you can switch out your prints in a matter of minutes. They are 6 millimeter aluminum frames with UV proof plexiglass so your artwork is beautifully and safely housed on your wall.

What is the size and material of the frame

All frames are 6mm aluminum

Can I select a different frame?

The frames have been selected to fit the artwork by the curator or by the artist. Please contact us at hello@absolutart.com if you have any special requests, e.g. would like to change the frame color for your order.

Where can I buy Absolut Art’s frames?

Right here! Our frames comes in four different sizes and two colors. You can order them standalone here:
Black: 40x50, 50x70, 60x80, 95x130
White: 40x50, 50x70, 60x80, 95x130

Shipping and Returns

What are the return and cancellation policies?

As a customer of Absolut Art you have the right to cancel a purchase without giving reasons within 14 days from the date you received the goods. Upon cancelling an order, contact us at hello@absolutart.com for help with your free return.

Can I view the artwork in person prior to purchase?

From time to time, Absolut Art hosts events around the world where you can browse and shop the artworks in person.

Which countries does Absolut Art ship to?

At this time, Absolut Art currently ships to countries within the European Union and to the United States of America. If your country is not included, please contact us at hello@absolutart.com and we'll see what we can do.