Absolut HangsmartTM

The Smartest Solution for Hanging Artwork

This will change the way you hang your art

Ever have difficulty hanging art on your wall? Yeah, it sucks.

Introducing Absolut Art’s Hangsmart - the first of it’s kind, Hangsmart’s specially patented design takes the struggle out of hanging by allowing you to easily mount, adjust and enjoy your artwork.

Invented by Marcus Lado (tech entrepreneur), Nahema Mehta (entrepreneur and Sotheby's veteran), and Alexander Lervik (famed Swedish designer), HangSmart is continuation of our mission to make it easy for everyone to live with art they love.

"Since launching, we’ve enjoyed bringing globally sourced art into the homes of our customers but now, we’re taking things a step further. With Hangsmart, we’re taking the pain and frustration out of hanging artwork by creating a solution that allows you to hang your artwork and adjust it to the ideal position, without having to move the hook or make unnecessary holes in your wall. Honestly, we designed what we all wanted and needed: an elegant solution that works.” - Nahema Mehta, Co-founder of Absolut Art