Put away the leveler and spackle. We’re excited to bring you the world’s most practical device for mounting, positioning and adjusting any work of art. Nifty.


Q: Can I use Hangsmart with any frame?

A: Yes! As long as you can attach the universal mount on the frame. There are three ways to fasten the mount: A) adhesive, B) screws, C) wire. To be safe, we recommend you use at least two ways.

Q: Do I really need screws?

A: Yes. Our adhesive is strong, but frames are stronger. Always be sure to use screws to fasten your Hangsmart to your wall. Check your wall type to find suitable screws.

Q: What wall types can I use Hangsmart on?

A: Most wall types can handle Hangsmart, as long as it can safely take screws! Always make sure the screws you pick are suitable for your walls.

Q: Do I have to use the adhesive?

A: It’s optional! But it can definitely help.

Q: What weight can Hangsmart hold?

A: Hangsmart is designed to hold up to 7kg.

Q: How can I buy Hangsmart?

A: Right now, Hangsmart has been shipped to those backing us on Kickstarter. Thanks, backers! Our general release is planned for 2018.

Q: Why can’t I use just the adhesive alone to mount Hangsmart on my wall?

A: As we said, frames are stubborn and strong. One of the biggest challenges we’ve faced in developing Hangsmart has been getting an adhesive to work reliably without screws. We’re not quite there (yet!), so please use the adhesive to position your Hangsmart and screws to safely attach it.

Q: Where can I buy Absolut Art’s frames?

A: Right here! Our frames comes in four different sizes and two colors. You can order them standalone here:
Black: 40×5050×7060×8095×130
White: 40×5050×7060×8095×130

Q: My Hangsmart is stuck. I can not move it down.

A: In order to move the Hangsmart downwards you need to pull it lightly outwards.

If the Hangsmart is not attached to the wall this might seem a bit tricky but it works well once on the wall with a frame.

If you want to adjust it before it’s mounted to the wall our suggestion is you place it on a flat surface, push it down with your thumb and forefinger (placed on the holes), then pull the T-bar up about 0,5cm. You should then be able to slide it down. You can view a short clip illustrating this here: https://vimeo.com/249696920/2f80c04e40

Q: I’m having trouble attaching the adaptor to the universal mount

A: Place the adaptor in the slot on the universal mount, then turn it 90 degrees to the right position. If it doens’t easily turn it may help with some pressure at the same time as you turn the adaptor. Make sure to press evenly over the adaptor, as tilting it slightly can make it hard, or even impossible, to turn. Sometimes a little jiggle may help as well. You can view a short clip illustrating this here:https://vimeo.com/250836281/7e1b0911ae

Any questions?

We’re always happy to chat! Reach out at hello@absolutart.com