The Kitchen, Curated by Fanny Singer

“I’ve always believed in surrounding yourself with beautiful, functional objects in the kitchen—a well-made knife, a solid wood cutting board—things that make the experience of cooking pleasurable. But why stop there? The art we choose to hang in the kitchen, or in its vicinity, should also be a source of enduring inspiration and joy.” —Fanny Singer

Absolut Art is delighted to present an exclusive collection of signed, limited edition prints curated by Fanny Singer for the home kitchen. Singer is a writer, curator, art historian, co-founder of the design brand Permanent Collection, and daughter of Chez Panisse chef Alice Waters. Combining her love of art, culture, and food, Singer curated the collection of prints with the kitchen in mind as a place of gathering and sharing.

Perfect for display in the kitchen or anywhere throughout the home, the curation features artworks by contemporary artists Heather Chontos, Sol Calero, Jeremy Deller, Rachel Kaye, Peter McDonald, and Alice Waters. These six artists have produced a collection of works that perfectly celebrates the creative connections between food, art, and aesthetics.

Singer has written extensively about food and art for over a decade, contributing art reviews and culture pieces to WSJ. Magazine, Artforum, and Frieze, among other publications. She recently published the cookbook and culinary memoir Always Home: A Daughter’s Recipes and Stories, featuring photographs by Absolut Art artist Brigitte Lacombe. In addition, she and her mother published My Pantry: Homemade Ingredients That Make Simple Meals Your Own, which Singer also illustrated.

In honor of this collaboration, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of Alice Waters’s print “Chez Panisse Fruit Bowl” will benefit the Edible Schoolyard Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to edible education. Additionally, Sol Calero will be donating her portion of the profits from the sale of “La Ventana” to a small organization called Help Venezuelan Children, who makes food for children, single mothers, and sick elderly people from Carora, Venezuela. Absolut Art has donated an additional $1,500 to both the Edible Schoolyard Project and Help Venezuelan Children.