Allen Grubesic
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Is art necessary?

“Inspiration is everywhere. There are messages in absolutely everything.”

What’s your work about?
I enjoy looking at everyday found objects; I have always enjoyed “object d’art” and am an avid collector. I am particularly interested in how we absorb and interpret messages that we are confronted with on a daily basis. I find double-meanings amusing, but moreover, I love how a message is mutable according to our personal experience and interests or the media stories of the day.

What inspires you?
"Inspiration is everywhere. There are messages in absolutely everything.” 

Why have you chosen to live and work in Stockholm?
I live and work in Stockholm and Istanbul. I'm Swedish by nationality so placid Stockholm will always be my home. Istanbul is a crazy, chaotic megalopolis. I believe the polarity between chaos and peace is what feeds my creativity.

A bit about Allen
Allen Grubesic was born 1974 in Uppsala/Sweden and graduated from the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm (2003). His artistic practice combines media like painting, photography, video, sculpture, text and music into a wide-ranging output. Grubesic weaves together well-known concepts into works that serve as, often humorous, comments on contemporary society and he has a great fascination for language and the written word.