Anneé Olofsson
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Anneé knows where she comes from

“My records are connected to my past so I could never get rid of them.”

Anneè is a sensitive soul. For her, artists sense things quickly and that’s what makes art important, catching on to what’s bubbling beneath the surface of society. Sensing it before it happens. Influenced by music, Anneè has a record collection going back to 1978, when she bought her first vinyl. And family also plays a large part in her work. Particularly her parents who she has worked with since 1996. One of Annee’s artworks can be found in MOMA in New York and features her late father.
A Demon’s Desire is based on the story of the rock band Scorpion’s controversial album cover to the record Virgin Killer that came out in 1976. The photographer seen in Anneè's photos is Michael von Gimbut who photographed the original cover. Her photographs are reconstructions of how she think it looked in the photo studio in 1976.