Meet the artist


Freedom of expression

"To see something in nothing"

Bold, uninhibited, assertive and unorthodox, Fumero is constantly active on the streets of Bushwick in Brooklyn, both through his murals and other activities within the community.

Art teacher by day, street artist by night, Fumero uses art to embody freedom of expression, and provides free public events to inspire others in the community to do the same. Fumero's work depicts his vision of a better tomorrow in an incorporation of musical symbolism in his combination of graffiti and abstract style due to its relevance in Bushwick’s local context as a historical means of freedom of expression.

For every limited-edition sold, we're proud to donate all profits to Fumero's public street art gallery: to encourage the expression of the neighbourhood’s residents the work will be exclusively made by them as opposed to from visiting artists. In its unveiling the gallery will host an open mic night as well as local DJs.