Meet the artist

The Artist Representative

The Artist Representative takes inspiration from 16th century Italy

“In our images, the performer embodies a plastic, heroic strength while maintaining a vulnerable, human quality.”

Specialising in public performances, event production, hospitality and public relations, Los Angeles-based The Artist Representative is a duo collective that explores representations of queer and transgender people of colour. The entity creates work in film, and debuted “A day in the life of Bliss” in Berlin last year. They also run an ongoing performative collaboration entitled "Moved by the Motion", which has been presented by Kunstalle Düsseldorf and the Julia Stoschek Foundation. For Absolut Art, The Artist Representative has created a diptych that portrays a performer engaging in a series of expressive and sculptural poses. The work is inspired by a series of sculptures by Michelangelo called “Victory”. These images feature classical representations of the human figure that are later processed digitally.