Meet the artist

Yung Jake

Yung Jake is a darling of the internet age

“I chose to live in Los Angeles because of the women, weed and weather.”

Based in Los Angeles, Yung Jake is an artist, videographer, rapper and internet persona. His films have include interactive videos such as “” and “Augmented Real”, both of which have been feature at the Sundance Film Festival. His recent works include a series of celebrity portraits, crafted solely out of emojis, and featured in media outlets such as Vice, Time Magazine and Rolling Stone. He is also represented by Steve Turner, and has exhibited and performed at MOCA, Hammer Gallery, Art Basel and Tripoli Gallery. True to his digital roots, Yung Jake’s work for Absolut Art involves the use of digital processes. His submission features a screenshot of website, World Star Hip Hop, and a computer-generated Fiji water bottle superimposed on top.