Speckled Dome and Snake Spine

Next edition no. 5 out of 300

£ 225

  • White 50×70 frame(£ 285)
  • Black 50×70 frame(£ 285)
  • No frame(£ 225)

£ 225

Frame: No frame
No frame ( £ 225)

About the artwork

Speckled Dome and Snake Spine by Fay Ray

Superb paper quality

Our paper comes from centuries-old maker Hahnemühle FineArt, whose products have been used by countless artists throughout history

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Signed limited edition

These aren’t posters; they’re the same unique small-batch artworks that you’d find at a gallery

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Our frames

With our UV proof magnetic frames you can switch artworks in a matter of minutes

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About Fay Ray

Fay explores the female psychological appetite
“Los Angeles allows me to stay true to my core beliefs and to live life as I prefer, whilst also allowing me to continually transform myself.”

With work that is based in photography and sculpture, Fay Ray creates art pieces that fall along themes such as object-fetis

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