Frances Stark

United States

Frances is both an artist and a witty, complex writer

As a recent recipient of the prestigious 2015 Absolut Art Award, Frances Stark is an interdisciplinary artist and writer living in Los Angeles. Her work centres on the use and meaning of language, and the translation of this process into the creative practice. As part of this process, she sometimes traces words from classic works by Emily Dickinson and Samuel Beckett. She is represented by Marc Foxx Gallery in Los Angeles, greengrassi in London, Gavin Brown’s enterprise in New York, and Galerie Daniel Buchholz in Berlin and Cologne.
This year has seen a survey of Stark’s digital and video works at The Art Institute of Chicago. A large-scale collection of the artist’s drawings, collages, paintings, videos and digital works is also on view at the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles from October 2015 to January 2016.